Houston DJ, DJs in Houston, Houston Prom, High School Senior Prom, Homecoming, Dance, Senior ClassFrom lunchtime Jams to Senior Proms; from playing school parties for small private schools of 30 students to a Homecoming or Prom with 2,000 attendees.          No Problem!

Worried that the sound system is fit for your venue and crowd size? That it will deliver crisp, clear highs and thunderous bass (with up to 18,000 Watts)?                          No Problem!

Houston DJ, DJs in Houston, Houston Prom, High School Senior Prom, Homecoming, Dance, Senior Class, Sound System, Club Lighting, Up Lighting

Do you want a Video screen playing the latest music videos?      No Problem!    

Houston DJ, DJs in Houston, Houston Prom, High School Senior Prom, Homecoming, Dance, Senior Class, A/V, Audio Visual, Flat Screen TV, Rear Projection Screen, Music Videos

  • We offer Video Dances with a 50” LED TV’s and 6’X8’ rear projection screens showing clean edited videos of all the biggest hits.

Worried that the music at your event is clean?                              No Problem!

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  • As CertifiedResponsible DJ’swith the School Dance Network (SDN), we commit ourselves to ensure that our music is 100% radio edited.  If there is even a question about content, we WON’T play it.  We take the time to listen to each song prior to the event, cleaning up each song and taking out questionable content.

Why you can trust us!

  • We have a music library of about 200,000 songs that allows us to play for the younger elementary crowd, as well as the middle school and high school crowds.

  • We stay current with all the music preferences of teens (from R&B/Rap, Modern Rock, Country and Top 40 hits to the most popular Latino hits). However, we always respect and comply with the school administration’s guidelines (as per The DJ Code).

  • Our Disc Jockeys are mature; but capable of interacting with the kids on their level.

  • We show up on time and properly attired for formal dances (i.e. prom or theme).

  • We work with a written contract.

  • We don’t require full payment until the day of the dance.

  • We carry a $1,000,000.00 Liability Insurance Policy (available when requested).

Bottom line! The entertainment is the center of attention at any school dance. The DJ can “make or break” the dance. When choosing the entertainment for your next school function, it is vital that you select a DJ who has the experience of working in a school environment and can keep the students dancing and having a great time, while the administration are satisfied with the correct styles of dancing throughout the evening. Our mixing capabilities allow us to seamlessly transition from song to song which creates a continuous dance playlist all night long without any pauses in between songs.

Awesome Music Entertainment will always customize your event and work with you to make it a success.  Thank you for your consideration!


Transforming your event into a night of a thousand memories…