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Up-Lighting is one of the most cost effective and dramatic ways of making your special event truly unforgettable and memorable. We can offer colored lights or warm white and gold hues to accent an already vivid room and create depth and drama with light. We offer color match up-lighting for our clients with our LED lights.  These lights are positioned around the room, behind the dance floor or along architectural features of the venue to accent the colors of your party and add warmth to the overall space. Our Wireless LED up-lights can be positioned anywhere around the room, and we offer color match for our clients.  Set the mood!

 Texture Lighting

Houston Up Lighting, Wall Texture Lighting, Christmas Snow Flake Design, Gobo Monogram at a Houston Wedding or Houston Holiday Party, Houston Christmas Party

Texture Lighting are designs, patterns and textures that can be projected onto any surface you aim the light at (like painting with lights). Texture lighting can transform a boring hotel reception space into an elegant room. Texture lighting is perfect for spaces that have large blank walls or air walls that detract from the overall feel for the room.

Winter dances don’t feel much like winter without snowflakes. Instead of using paper cutouts hung from the ceiling, save time by using a couple of texture lights to create a dynamic winter wonderland complete with moving snowflakes with texture lighting. Texture lighting is basically the same as gobo monogram lighting, the lights are the same but pricing is generally lower because we can re-use existing templates.

Club Dance Floor Lighting

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Club Dance Floor Lighting is extravagant and exciting! The special effect lighting helps set the mood in any situation. All of our special effect lights are built specifically for mobile disc jockey use. The lighting effects are often constantly moving, shifting and flashing with the beat of music or they can be pre-programmed to perform certain tasks such as highlight a certain part of the dance floor, stage or wall. From our vertical trussing to the effect lighting, we can transform any room into an exclusive nightclub and will ensure a constant flow of energy throughout your event.

Stage Lighting

Houston Stage Lighting, Lighting Truss, Band Lighting, Spot Lighting, Flood Lighting, Moving Heads, Scanners for Houston Wedding, Event, Concert, Live Band

Stage Lighting extends beyond simple illumination of principal characters or scenes. A well-designed lighting system and carefully chosen stage effect lights can inject a huge measure of drama and excitement into your show and give your performances a professional sheen that’ll captivate your audience. Whether you’re looking to light a band, DJ show, nightclub, house of worship, or  a theatrical production, there’s a huge range of lighting effects and equipment available today to match your budget and the mood you want to create.

 Pin Spot Lighting

Houston up lighting, Pin Lights, Cake Lighting, Table Lighting at a Houston Wedding or event, Houston DJ, DJs in Houston

Pin Spot Lighting is a lighting process that provides a dramatic effect to a room, while drawing attention to a specific feature. A spotlight is used to produce a narrow beam of light, which is then used to illuminate a specific area of interest.  This lighting feature is very popular when used on centerpieces and tables, flowers, wedding cakes, or even a dimly lit areas of a room that need extra light. When the lights are dimmed in a room to create a romantic atmosphere, the floral arrangements unfortunately tend to blend into the background. If you have pin spots on your floral arrangements they will really “pop” and your guests will be able to enjoy their beauty throughout the entire reception.

Awesome Music Entertainment will always customize your event and work with you to make it a success.  Thank you for your consideration!

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